Oma Ladybug Mug

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In Germany, when a ladybug, aka Marienkäfer, lands on you, you’re considered totally blessed. With this cute mug, your Oma will be totally blessed.


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As a child, I was always happy at Easter and on my birthday when my Mutti would decorate the house with chocolate ladybugs.

At that time, I didn’t know that ladybugs were considered lucky in Germany.

For me, they just looked so comical and cute. 

Even today, looking at these little red bugs with their dots, makes me chuckle.

Oma will be reminded of her special place in your heart whenever she sees this pretty white, glossy ceramic mug with the ladybugs marching around.

The design is printed directly on the cup with a sublimation ink method so there is nothing to feel or peel. It will withstand dishwashing and as many trips through the microwave as it takes you to finish that cup of coffee each day.

This design wraps around the entire mug and is available in two sizes – 11 oz for ordinary days and 15 oz for any day that ends in Y.

Do you call your Oma, Omi? And there’s one just for Opa or Opi.
Give your grandparents each their own special mug of happiness. 

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