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The hustle and bustle of Christmas relies on quick taste-tested recipes, so I’ve chosen my favorite dozen to make your holiday baking easier.

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Only Christmas, Weihnachten, touches your eyes, your tastes, and your heart. From sparkling lights and bright colors to oven-fresh, baked aromas and enticing tastes to enjoy, celebrating Christmas in Germany is full of wonderful treats.

I’ve chosen my favorite dozen to include in my Just like Oma’s ~ Christmas Baking collection. Many are my own, others my Mutti’s recipes, and additional ones for friends.

Here’s what you’ll bake …. with my help …

  • Bombe
  • Königskuchen
  • Poppy Seed Roll
  • Quarkstollen
  • Dominosteine
  • Lebkuchen
  • Vanillekipferl
  • Zimtschnecken
  • Zuckerplätzchen
  • Black Forest Dessert
  • Kokosflocken
  • Sandgebäck

Learn to make Lebkuchen Spice Mix and Vanillezucker for ALL your Christmas baking! You’ll also get my baking tips sprinkled throughout the ebook!

 THIS IS A PDF    DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE E-COOKBOOK. No physical book will be shipped or mailed.


3 reviews for Christmas Baking E-Cookbook

  1. Butch Hoffman

    I can’t praise Oma’s Christmas cookbook enough. Both sides of my family are German as were their parents. I lived in Germany for 3 years and recently spent 6 weeks in Leipzig. My mother used cottage cheese in her stollen just to keep it moist. This recipe is the closest to my Oma’s, and yes we can purchase Quark locally. Thanks for sharing that recipe, thanks for the great site and we love all of the cookbooks, we wishes for a Frohe Weihnachten und ein gluckliches neues Jahr.

    • Gerhild Fulson

      Thanks, Butch, for your very kind words! So glad you’re enjoying the recipes. The Quarkstollen is definitely one of our family’s favorites as well. Blessings to you and yours this upcoming Christmas season as well.
      ~ Oma Gerhild ❤️

  2. bijarwald (verified owner)

    Habe mich so gefreut ein Kockbuch zu finden mit richtige Deutsche Weihnachtsgebaeck. Meine Eltern kamen auch beide aus Deutschland und Mutti hat auch immer schoene Deutsche Plaetschen zu Weihnachten gebacken. Leider ist Sie gestorben bevor ich selber die Rezepte von Ihr bekamm. Jetzt habe ich sie aber gefunden in Ihrem Kockbuch! Vielen herzlichen Dank dass Sie so etwas zusammen gestellt haben!

    • Gerhild Fulson

      Thanks for your kind comments! I am looking forward to seeing what you bake this Christmas (and even before). Do pop by my Kaffeeklatsch group and post them there.
      Here’s an English translation:
      “I was so happy to find a cookbook with proper German Christmas baking. Both of my parents came from Germany and Mutti also baked nice German cookies for Christmas. Unfortunately, she died before I got the recipes from her. Now I found it in your cookbook! Thank you very much for putting such a thing together!”

  3. Carol Niederhauser Haddock

    Just starting at your site. Wanted to comment that most of these recipes are also claimed as Swiss! LOL. My family is from Basel, Switzerland, and so many are quite the same. Some have a few differences, I’m sure because of country/regional differences. 😀 But yummy all the same. Like Ramschmitzel, which is the luscious Swiss Weinerschnitzel made with cream. Haha.
    Thank you for the cookie recipes. I loaned my mother’s out & haven’t gotten them back I was so happy to find yours so similar. Thank you. Have you ever made Brätzeli? If so, please help! I have had a few problems the last few years with them sticking to the top and bottom of the iron press while also kind of “melting” . What should I do? Do you also have a Kugelhopf recipe?
    A g.d ain, thanks.

    • Gerhild Fulson

      Hallo Carol,
      You are so right about many recipes, especially in southern Germany, being similar to those from Switzerland. Each claiming them. I’m thinking Kaierschmarrn. Yum. As far as making Brätzeli, I’ve not made them. If you’ll go to my Kaffeeklatscher group and ask there, I’m sure you’ll find some other Swiss foodies there who can help you. And do ask about the Kugelhopf recipe there too. I know several people were posting about that the other day.
      Oma Gerhild 🙂

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