Love 'n Hearts

Love is in the air all through the year.

Wrap love in a ribbon around one of these Love n’ Hearts mugs.

Each of these unique designs has either hearts or words of love Ich liebe dich encircling the mug.

NEW for 2020 is the black and gold hearts mug with Ich liebe dich emblazoned in golden letters.

Wanting something special for your Uhroma, Uhromi, Uhropa, Uhropi, Onkle, Tante, Bruder, Schwester, Mutti, Mama, Vati, Papa, Oma, Omi, Opa, Opi … you’ll find them here with the delicate dandelions blowing in the wind. Ich liebe dich encirles the bottom of those mugs.

Even Schatzi is enveloped in a flowery heart and Ich liebe dich encircles the bottom of the mug.

BACK by POPULAR DEMAND are the watercolored flower mugs with either the pink or blue Ich liebe dich, but only for a very limited time. Grab these quickly before they disappear again.

Or, perhaps just a heart filled with 195 famous and not-so-famous cities and towns in Germany. This would make a great gift with a plane ticket to Germany!

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