Another easy and delicious way to pass on your German culture is to eat like a German. That often means finding recipes that use ingredients that are available in your part of the world. Many German recipes use ingredients only available in Germany or online.

Personally, since I live in North America, having access to German groceries isn’t always an option. And, when I wanted to cook something, I wanted to have it right now! So, I experimented with my Mutti’s recipes (many came from her hand-written notes) and made them with ingredients easily purchased at the local grocery store.

These e-Cookbooks are the result. Since they are instantly downloadable PDFs, the moment you order them, you’ll be cooking and baking just like Oma in no time at all!

Looking for a PAPERBACK COOKBOOK, as well?

You’ll find Oma’s newest paperback cookbook, German Meals at Oma’s right here. A Kindle version is also available. Filled with recipes from every German state, it will take you on a tour throughout Germany. Grab this paperback one to complete your collection of Oma Gerhild’s books.

Oma Gerhild’s e-Cookbooks:

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