• Just had a temporary hiccup! - If you were just on the site and encountered problems, I do apologize. I just had a weird tech hiccup. Thankfully, I’m connected with a wonderful support system and I’ve got the site back up and running, and it was only down for several minutes (although to me, it seemed like an eternity!) If, however, you find something not working, please let me know.  Tschüss, Oma Gerhild ❤️
  • Open … but not officially launched! - Today, I’m standing at the doorway to my new ‘online’ store, and welcoming in all those who’ve come here by way of the Kaffeeklatsch newsletter! Herzlich willkommen! Officially I’m opening on Monday, August 21 … but for today, it’s the perfect time to peek around and start buying those items that you’ve been waiting for. Gifts for your Oma and Opa … and for yourself! I’ve been asked about my cookbooks. For now, I only have ecookbooks available. I’m planning to work on a print cookbook, but that will be quite a ways in the future. There’s so much going on right now, and, being German, I do want to do it right and give it the time it deserves. And, so, for now … I’ve put the coffee on and the cake is fresh out of the oven. Do drop by for a while … browse around … pick up a mug or two … and don’t forget to use your discount code! Tschüss, Oma Gerhild ❤️
  • We’re open … a bit - I’ve got the door open, just a bit. Yes, you are welcome to come in and browse around, but all the shelves aren’t fully stocked yet. However, if you find something you like, it’s ready to buy! Looking forward to seeing you … and don’t forget to grab your discount code. You can get it right here!  
  • Hallo! - You All Come Back Now …. Once The Store Is Open … Which Will Be Real Soon! I’m Just Busy Stocking The Shelves With Lots Of Yummy And Pretty German Things.