About Oma

I was born in Germany, but have lived most of my life in Canada. My Mutti had a wonderful way of instilling our 🇩🇪 German heritage and culture in us children. She cooked and baked the way she had been taught by her Mutti, my Oma. Holidays and birthdays were celebrated in traditional German style.

About 10 years ago, my husband and I traveled back to Germany for the first time (he also came to Canada as a youngster) and we rekindled the love for all things German that our parents had instilled in us decades ago.

Coming back home to Canada, my desire was to cook and bake more authentically. However, the ingredients were not always available, nor the time using traditional methods. Talking with other Germans, both in Canada and the States, it was evident that this was a huge problem. So, Just like Oma was born*.

Not only traditional recipes have I adapted, but I’ve created quite a few of my own that mimic traditional ones. Personally, I don’t order German food online. I’d rather make it at home, from scratch if possible, using the ingredients I have available at the local grocery.

My eCookbooks were written to help you bring back the memories of your Oma’s (and Mutti’s) kitchen. Then, together with my tees and totes and mugs and wall art and other stuff, my Zeug* will help you pass on your German culture to your children and grandchildren as well.

Guten Appetit!

Oma Gerhild ❤️

* PS: When I said, Just like Oma website was born,  there was actually more to it than that. It was born for a purpose, just as my Just like Oma Store here is as well. All profits from both of these websites, goes directly into the Gottes Wort ministry.  Solo Build It! Blog did an interview with me that delved into this … you can check it out here. 🙂


Zeug* aka Sachen, Kram, Krempel = stuff


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