A Note from Oma Gerhild ...

Yes, the world is in chaos right now. With the pandemic, it’s hard to fathom what the future holds. For many this is a time of confusion, for some it’s a time of sadness.

My heart truly goes out to those that are tragically affected by this. I’m also so thankful for all the essential workers that are putting their lives on the line to help us.

As we enter into the Easter season and beyond, may we see hope continuing to rise forth. The Easter message is so appropriate, especially this year. May you find peace and hope that believing in Jesus’ death and resurrection brings. That truly is grounds for celebration.

The Easter celebration for many Germans is also focused on food! 

I’ve put together my favorite EASY recipes in this new collection of Special Occasion Cakes & Tortes. Of course, there’s also my Easter Feast ecookbook with my collection of favorite Easter treats!

In fact, you’ll love this collection of all my eCookbooks, not just for Easter, but throughout the year. Get your copies today!

Keep Your Memories Alive

Remember those delicious meals at Oma's house?

Do you miss those wonderful traditional meals your Oma used to make? Have you tried to make those German meals, but don’t have the hours needed or can’t find the proper ingredients outside of Germany?

At Just like Oma and Just like Oma Store, I’ve re-created those traditional German foods that you recall your Oma making by using easily available ingredients and new methods that don’t take hours.

Quick and easy, that’s my motto. Wunderbar food, that’s the result.

And that’s where I come in. I’ll help you! Join me with Oma’s Cookbooks and together we’ll cook up a storm. Soon you’ll be cooking just like Oma and can pass on these traditional German foods to your family and friends.

As you wander through Oma’s store, make sure you look the part.

Wear one of Oma’s unique designs created just for you and your loved ones! Take a stroll through Oma’s Mode* and find just the right tee or onesie or hat or tote (and more) to proclaim your love for who you are! German at heart.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Printing and Shipping of items may be delayed due to the present Coronavirus situation world-wide. Please allow for this when ordering. This does not affect downloadable items, such as eCookbooks and cards.

Then take a look through Oma’s Zeug* for little bits of Germany.

So wunderbar* for your own home and to use as gifts as well. Turn these into memories for your children and grandchildren.  A little bit of German … and a whole lot of fun!

Let's learn a bit of German:

  • Lecker schmecker* = yummy yummy
  • Zeug*  aka Sachen, Kram, Krempel = stuff
  • Mode* = fashion
  • wunderbar*  = wonderful